American Gladiators

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This isn't the American Gladiators that you remember from the '80s. In the very first event one of the contestants was knocked down so hard by a gladiator that her knee buckled. She went down and was down for the competition. A substitute was brought in to finish the show.

Most of the events are the same as you remember them, but souped up a 100%. During joust or the q-tip event as I call it there used to be tons of soft cushioned mats to break a fall and now there's nothing but water when someone falls from that high perch.

On a more interesting note, is it just me or is the official from American Gladiators the same official from the movie "Dodgeball"? His voice sounds very familiar to "Average Joe's Gym, ready?! GloboGym, ready!?" He looks similar too. If this is true is he now typecast as a ref?

A small improvement the show could make is not to allow the contestants to speak. It's very difficult to watch the gung ho high energy contenders talk smack and how their personal life has prepared them for just this moment. I'd prefer to have a bubble pop up like in the TV show Blind Date where funny comments are inserted into the bubble or better yet the Hulkster ask them something and when they respond he just says that's the dumbest thing he's ever heard and they're in for some "Pain" like Mr. T said in Rocky III.

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I was thinking the ref sounded very much like the _original_ AG ref (I've been watching the oldies on ESPN Classic).

This show is best watched on DVR/PVR, with a heavy hand on the SKIP button. _Way_ too much personal crap and trash talking; you can watch an hour of the _competition_ in about 20 minutes. -JW

JW, are you saying that maybe the original AG ref may have launched his career to "Dodgeball"? It's like the chicken and the egg. Which came first?

I'm with you 100%. Way too much talking. If they're going to talk that much with the most ridiculous comments, then I'd like to see the hosts bust on them like the host from "The Weakest Link" not that's demoralizing on a psychological level on top of the phyisical element.

Did the original have a ball launched at you going a 100MPH because I don't remember those speeds coming at you.

Unable to sleep because of illness this past weekend, I watched parts of the second airing of Access Hollywood from Friday. The clip they showed had an American Gladiators official in it. My thought was that he was from the original. But what TSF says, he might have been from Dodgeball. Maybe he is from both.

According to IMDB, the ref for "AG1" was Larry Thompson; the ref for "Dodgeball" was Al Kaplon. The ref for "AG2" is not credited at this point. -JW

JW, it appears by typing american gladiator referee on the internet searches are speculating that it's Al Kaplan on AG2.

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