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Some people might not consider chess a sport. I'm borderline on it, but I think Bobby Fischer is important enough to justify a short entry. He passed away today, in Iceland. His last few years seemed to be off.

I'm not a big chess fan. Actually correction, I'm not a fan. I don't play, I don't watch. I never paid attention that a computer could beat a man in it, or not.

However, when I was a weekly viewer of Outside the Lines on ESPN, I remember distinctly watching an episode which Jeremy Schaap of ESPN and other reporters were at a press conference or something for Fischer. Normally I wouldn't care, except that it was on OTL and I was addicted to the show at the time.

The late, great Dick Schaap, father of Jeremy, had at one point been very good friends with Fischer. But this interview where Jeremy attended, Fischer sought Jeremy out and said some anti-Semetic things. I'm not sure what happened to Fischer, considering he was Jewish himself. This event has been stuck on my mind everytime I hear something about chess, which is terrible. I've been trying to find a link to the OTL transcript, but a search did not reveal it.

In any case, I hope Jeremy can find resolution now without lashing out against Fischer. While Fischer was wrong to say such things, just leave it be.

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