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Much like David Letterman used to enjoy saying Boutros Boutros-Ghali during his tenure as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, one could also say Boudreau Boudreau and a golly for good measure! As Boudreau has taken the reigns of the Washington Capitals the team has continued to battle injuries, but has been able to steadily stay above .500 with discipline and focus.

The team has enjoyed better success and results on the power play and players appear fresh late in the game due to controlled line changes. The Capitals could have stumbled into a coach that is able to balance young players that no longer need to be coddled along with seasoned veterans. The third consecutive minor league coach luckily enough to man the head coaching position for the team and coach some of the best young talent in the NHL with Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, and Green. Sprinkle in a few veterans such as Nylander, Koslov, Poti, Clark, and Kolzig and the team may yet make the playoffs. The team has almost worked itself out of the tremendous early season hole they dug for themselves.

This year's draft appears to be stocked with great defensive talent in the projected top five of next year's draft. In the event the Caps miss the playoffs, they should certainly consider adding a legitimate all around and defensive defenseman to their ranks by trading picks and players to grab such a sought after position. There is still much to play in the season, but it appears that Boudreau warrants another season. Let's hope that Boudreau realizes that he should reach for the stars this year regarding team decisions as he marks his stamp in the position as the Caps would be hard pressed to find an alternative this year for the interim coach.

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I think Boudreau's interim tag was removed a few weeks ago. Granted that's not a guarantee he'll return next season, but it probably means a drastic downturn in the team would be required to make a change.

Yes, let's hope an extension into next year would be forthcoming. Otherwise that's all he'd be was the fill in interim coach whether removed from title or not.

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