Candidates for the Redskins Coaching Vacancy

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The coaching carousel continues in Washington. As Joe Gibbs departs the coaching ranks from the Redskins organization again, little has been mentioned about the existing coaching staff. What will happen to Bugel, Breaux, and Ernest Byner? So much has already been discussed about who might succeed Gibbs and who might be cajoled to come out of retirement such as Cowher, but has anyone asked about a general manager? No one has discussed replacing the decisions made by GM Gibbs.

When the Redskins think about a successor to Gibbs it's also important to think about the team and its players. The players have expressed their support in their nod to Greg Williams Jason Campbell has been through countless offensive systems in college and professional levels. Assuming that Saunders would like to continue coaching in Washington it would be critical to not hinder Campbell's growth by making him and the team which has made such great strides learn a new system.

It appeared that Saunders wasn't interested in becoming a head coach and just implements his system to great success. If indeed Saunders doesn't wish to become head coach, then it makes great sense to retain him and continue the continuity developed by the team this year.

Candidates for Redskins Coaching Vacancy - ESPN.

The List:

Jason Garrett - Hmm...a budding QB that's pro bowl bound, a running back with a bevy of touchdowns, a future hall of fame wide receiver, a talented secondary wide receiver, a strong offensive line, and a pro bowl tight end. This all sounds very familiar. The last Dallas coach to become the Redskins Head Coach devastated the organization and almost brought it to its knees. Let's pass on this prospective coach.

Rex Ryan - Why replace the current defensive coordinator with someone else's and make Ryan the head coach? Have the Skins learned nothing about taking someone from within when possible.? This move would make no sense.

Brian Billick - Does Stover come with him, because that seemed to be his offense and Billick never medaled much with the defense as a coach.

Russ Grimm - This choice would be the most intriguing. It would become even more interesting if Williams becomes head coach and Grimm joins the offensive staff depending upon other's departures.

Bill Cowher - A great coach, but would breaking everything that Gibbs put back together be worth breaking the chemistry and continuity of the staff, system, and players?

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What about Marty v2.0? Hey, if they can do it with Gibbs, why not Marty?

But then again, I guess the team would prefer someone who could actually win a playoff game once in a while.

No, no anyone but Marty. Or Norv. Or Spurrier.

Seriously, I've had this disagreement on and off with Q & TSF. I think it will be best in the long run to go for Cowher. Gregg Williams is the sentimental choice. The only reason I say that is Synder won't give Williams as long of a leash as Gibbs has. One, two years tops. No advancement in the playoffs, go home. Plus, Cowher is Synder's "Flavor of the Month". If Cowher is serious about staying out of coaching 2008, Williams would have to go practically to the Superbowl to keep his job in 09 should Cowher want to return to the coaching ranks then.

Another serious candidate, should Snyder go "external" is to go old school "internal" and get Russ Grimm before the Cardinals fire the entire coaching staff in a year or two.

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