Coach Gibbs resigns

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You (almost) heard it hear first: Joe Gibbs resigned this morning as head coach of the Redskins. I'll leave it to the locals to heap the praise upon him, but for me I'll just say that a record of 31-36 in his second stint as head coach doesn't exactly impress me. Three Super Bowl victories in his first stint does impress me.

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Bob, you beat me by a few minutes in posting. As a local, I'm not going to praise Gibbs 2.0. He was probably the same coach as Gibbs 1.0, which was the problem. The game had past him and it was difficult to catch up. Especially since his ideal coaching staff in his re-up was to include both Joe Bugel (who was on staff) and Richie Pettibon, the one-time Redskins coach who was Gibbs 1.0's Defensive Coordinator. Pettibon opted not to re-up.

It was a decent run. Snyder continues to make big splashes with his hires and free agent signings, but has not gotten anywhere.

Cam Cameron would be a good replacement.

I hope Greg Williams is promoted and the staff is kept.

I don't want the team to start over with new coach and systems.

If somebody from outside is brought in, Williams, Saunders and probably most other coaches are gone.

Won't help unless Vinny goes too.

I don't think the game passed Gibbs by so much as he was put in a difficult situation cap-wise due to Snyder's free-spending ways in the early years of his ownership.

Two playoff appearances in 4 years is not bad, but yeah, it doesn't measure up to the very high standards we expected of him given the success of his first coaching stint.

I'd have liked to see him stay one more year. It just felt like the team had finally turned the corner the last quarter of this season.

On the bright side, I hear Brian Billick is available for an interview.


Gibbs did more under more in his second tenure under greater pressure and with more responsibility then his first tenure. He was only coach Joe Gibbs in the '80s and did what he did best and that was coach. In version 2.0 he had to rebuild an organization. If you look at where this franchise was after he left and where he picked it up at then you can say that to bring this franchise back from no where to ready to challenge the contenders in coming years is a huge statement.

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