Every Day is Media Day

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The New York NBC TV affiliate (WNBC 4) has shown a clip or soundbite of a Giants player interview every single day since the end of the conference championship games a week and a half ago during the local news. I don't know if NBC gets exclusive access to the players or if the team gives special treatment to the local media. But what it amounts to is media day every day. The blurbs shown on the local news do not seem to be old or stale, and are presented as either the same day or previous day's comments (in the case of the morning news). This morning, one clip was a reporter asking "Jeff Feagles, how does it feel to have stepped off the plane in Arizona knowing that you are going to your first Super Bowl in your 20 year career?" So what purpose does today's Media Day serve when the media seems to have daily access to these players? One indication that Media Day servers no purpose at all is that the majority of news coverage that results from Media Day is not about the players but rather about the media itself, with today's most notable story coming out of Media Day being a wedding proposal to Tom Brady.

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Personally, I think the best part of Media Day was on Media Day Eve. Did you see the suit Bellichick was wearing at the presser? Boy that beige really stood out.

I now know why he always wears the "hoody".

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