Fassel's Fueled Up for the Redskins Coaching Position

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Buckle up everyone and as Dark Helmet said in "Spaceballs", "Prepare for ludicrous speed!" As Big Money Tony mentioned in his posting Big Money Tony Fassel would be an awful choice as Head Coach for the Redskins. While we're drudging up failed former head coaches why not bring in Wayne Fontes for an interview. He certainly knows how to squander elite talent like Barry Sanders. Maybe the run 'n shoot offense will make a comeback. Better yet why not take look at Jerry Glanville because football would be anything but dull. There may be plenty of losing, but lots of entertainment.

Let's recap Fassel's coaching record. He had a great defense that carried him during some winning seasons as the Giants head coach, as well as, some late season collapses. He became a consultant on offense for the Ravens and later the offensive coordinator before ultimately being fired from Billick. Most fans wouldn't perceive his offensive playbook as a high scoring.

Even more disheartening for Redskins fans is a report that Cerrato was promoted and that Dan Snyder & Cerrato is the new structure without a conventional General Manager. Is Vinny capable of looking Danny in the eye and say that Greg Williams is the logical choice? It's ok to be stubborn and want to do things a certain way by handling things yourself especially when you're the owner and it's your money, but the rational to go after someone else's coach or a retread coach when there's a competent one already there that could keep the continuity among the team and players. Furthermore, it was reported that Williams was backed by Joe Gibbs. Why would Williams need to meet with ownership four times to see if they could co-exist? Would this be necessary for Parcells or Ditka? And if Parcells and his winning record told a meddling owner where to stick it and leave the football decisions to a football man b/c that's what he's being paid for then what would occur next - most likely nothing. Gibbs showed in V.1, V.2., and Nascar that surrounding yourself by the best and making good decisions leads to success, so why surround yourself by mediocrity?

To make such a decision that would run counter to the message being sent about keeping continuity or acknowledging that the assistant coaches at high paid salaries brought together by the Hall of Fame coach were good coaches that the players even were backing. This would certainly send a signal to the team. That signal would not be about winning, but about the "me" in tEaM.

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