Gibbs - Old Age?

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Could Len Pascquarelli be wrong about Gibbs?Len Pasquarelli Article. Age wasn't an issue for Gibbs. Gibbs did more in his second stint to rebuild an entire organization decimated by change and poor decisions. He also brought a group of players that Pasquarelli says he couldn't relate to together after the tragic event of Sean Taylor's passing. He changed philosophy from one game at a time to we can do this and let's look at the schedule. Gibbs wasn't just brought in to stabalize the coaching position, but to fix an organization that had lost its way.

See my earlier posting Joe Gibbs Leaves The Washington Redskins, Again.

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Ahh, the man was 67 years old and working until 2:30 AM. Age had something to do with his decision.

It wasn't age and he's not feeble! Gibbs wasn't lost and confused. He also wasn't passed by as the article suggests. Gibbs wasn't just a coach. He bore additional responsibilities. Family was always important to Gibbs and came first whether 47, 57, or 67.

Pasquarelli's article even stated that Snyder hired Gibbs the Coach. That he didn't think he would need Gibbs the Man. So in that aspect, you are right.

I said age has something to do with it, not the entire thing. I don't think Pasquarelli suggested that age was the only factor. The players loved him, but that's not the only thing that made him a coach. He was missing a connection to the current players. Heck, he even hired his old out-of-football coaches. That was probably more that he wanted the same coaches, but it didn't necessarily help him connect with the players.

Gibbs related well with the players. He completely changed the culture within his first year. The players bought into the max protect and even had the respect of players on the team and teams they faced because it was so well executed and difficult to defend. Gibbs even moved his players to win five in a row two years ago to enter the playoffs.

As you have mentioned, from an outside perspective 4 Super Bowls and three wins vs. say a 1-2 post season record in his second term would have his nay sayers. In the grand scheme of things Gibbs didn't completely rebuild an organization almost from ground zero his first go around and that was the attempt in the second go around. Hiring competant coaches familiar or not would allow him to let those around him flex more coaching muscle as he juggled additional responsibilities.

It's interesting that the Tuna didn't get this type of critisism and didn't deal with the likes of the perceived difficulties of working with Danny, as well as, handling the operations and GM duties. Vermeil came back and worked exclusivley on coaching and let Martz run the offense. The bottom line is that the Redskins have been losers since Gibbs left. The media doesn't like Snyder and the team has a reputation of trying to buy a title rather than winning won on the field. A more quiet and reserved owner wouldn't have brought the harsh critics out for blood. It's this hard as nails critisism that has turned on Gibbs and the many accomplishments in his second stint, because when you look at what's has occured since he's come back the only failure that's been made is not resolving the GM position. This issue has been here since BB left town and Casserly stepped into the position.

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