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So Roger Clemens now claims he received B-12 shots, not steriods. Does this sound familiar to the 3 Orioles fans out there besides me? Wait, you hard core baseball fans should know too. Yeah, Rafael Palmiero said it when he tested positive. So about 3 weeks ago, when the Mitchell Report came out, I asked if we should allow Clemens into the Hall of Fame if we don't allow Barry Bonds.
Similar question now. Should Palmiero be forgiven if Clemens is after 60 Minutes? I'll admit, it's slightly different. For now, we don't know if any positive test for Clemens. Raffy...not so lucky. So I'll say no. But we all laughed at Jose Canseco's accusations. Look how many were actually true. Could Palmiero actually be telling the truth that he was getting B-12 shots and had no idea steriods were in them?

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I realize that what I am about to say borders on a fine line of inconsistency, but here goes: even if both Palmiero and Clemens statements about getting B-12 are true (which I doubt), Clemens can more easily be forgiven than Palmiero. Here's why: Clemens alleged injection took place before all the hoopla about steroids, before there was any sort of testing in baseball. After testing began but before Palmiero tested positive, I heard from several players in interviews state that they knew they couldn't take any sort of suppliment of any kind at that point, including vitimans. So for Palmiero to inject himself with a supplement given to him by another player is something that he should have known not to do.

I thought the same thing, too. Really, who walks around with needles of this stuff and upon hearing stories like this you know MLB turned the other way because if players are just handing out and offering shots of vitamins or whatever then the system is broken.

With all the publicity of Clemens, it just feeds the possibility that he could be the next athlete on Dancing with the Stars and follow Emmitt Smith. It would be funny if Steinbrenner wound up on the show, but not the one that we know but the caricature of him portrayed by Larry David on Seinfeld.

Bob, I don't think it's inconsistent of you. I agree with your assessment, but I took a slightly different approach. Unless there is a positive test out there for Clemens somewhere, he's only guilty of taking a shot of something. Sure Law & Order and other cop shows on TV will dictate circumstantial evidence. But it comes down to a He Said-He Said case. Palmiero, unfortunately, has no defense except the supposed ignorance of what Miguel Tejada gave him, since he did test positive.

I have a very hard time believing players are being given injections without knowing the contents. Furthermore, Radomski is more credible than Clemens because he would face further prosecution if he was found to have given false information to investigators. Clemens on the other hand can lie with impunity.

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