Joe Gibbs - Coach of the Year?!?

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OK, which one of you guys sent the email to PTI today saying that Joe Gibbs should be coach of the year in the NFL? I don't buy the argument that the expectations going into the season were low for the Redskins. Playing in what is clearly the weaker conference, with a coach who is already in the hall of fame and an owner willing to spend tons of money on players, the Skins should be competitive every single year. Yet all they could muster this season was a 9-7 record. The Cleveland Browns finished the year with a better record than the Skins but are not even in the playoffs. Being the coach of the 13th best team in the NFL doesn't qualify you for coach of the year.

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It seems like you have a love hate relationship with Coach Gibbs. You seem to think he's overrated and inferior to V1.0 but don't want to see him fired. You seem to like everyone else’s coaches better...seems like you could be a new owner like Danny. It seems like coveting the competition instead of appreciating what you have and grow it may not be the answer.

I read an article that the Redskins were the only team that lost their starting QB that made the playoffs. Collins seemed to go on a good run at the end of the season and that could be attributed to coaching. Of all the teams that lost starters along the offensive line, the Redskins are the only one to make the playoffs. In fact the Redskins have lost several starters during the season and were the only team to incur such a bizarre tragedy, yet it was the coaching staff that held the team together to make the playoffs.

We often hear from coaches that sometimes the best year of coaching may be the year they don't even make the post season but are able to get every ounce of effort from the team and work their hardest against a stronger opponent. This team faced adversity from just about every angle and managed to not back themselves into the playoffs or even limp into the playoffs down the stretch, but win their playoff berth on their own.

The notion of coach of the year is completely subjective, but to dismiss Gibbs outright despite such adversity seems a bit rash. By the way, the NFC East has three teams making the playoffs and doesn't look so weak.

Have PTI on DVR but have not watched it yet.

Gibbs had a tremendous season, in comparison to expectations for the Redskins. But yes, there are other more worthy Coach of the Year candidates.

Belichick should be considered. 16-0. Can't beat that.
Jack Del Rio. Dump your franchise QB and take your team to the playoffs.
Mike Tomlin. Take over from a legendary coach and make it look like he wasn't needed.
Wade Phillips, Romeo Crennel.

Gibbs is probably an emotional favorite, for losing Sean Taylor. But you're right. If there was one loss this December, plus another win by either Minnesota or New Orleans, this would have been just another Redskins season.

Sure you can make a case for Phillips, but not a strong one in my mind. Anderson saved Crennel's job and cutting an immobile qb with one of the slowest releases in football and often injured didn't seem that tough of a decision.

Three coaches stand out in my mind - the obvious Belichick (with an abundance of talent), Joe Gibbs, and Jeff Fischer. Show me a more underrated coach than Fischer?

Bob - I thought BMT had written a Joe Gibbs article...My bad - please disregard the 1st paragraph.

Bob - how about some criteria for the category of Coach of the Year or at least an honorable mention like say for baseball for any coach turning down a vacancy in Baltimore - that immediately places them at top five by starting out with a sound decision.

The members of the media who vote for the NFL Coach of the Year seem to agree with me on this one: Joe Gibbs did not receive even one single vote. Apparently you are disqualified from winning coach of the year if you call two timeouts in a row but are not disqualified if you cheat.

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