Knoblach Wants Nothing to Do with Steriods, ahh make that Baseball

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Prior to the release of the Mitchell Report, there were thoughts that it could kill our National Pastime. Time will tell, but so far, it's given us more drama than the strike-shortened television season. The showdown between Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee, complete with taped conversations is just compelling. The Mitchell report is even more interesting than where Santana will end up, and I'm not talking about the singer.

But the whole story gets stranger...

Chapter 3: Knoblach

Today, Chuck Knoblach gives us another bizarre story. OK, he has "nothing to defend", but also has "nothing to hide". He wants nothing to do with baseball.

This again brings a myriad of questions.
1. If Clemens and Knoblach are innocent, what do we say about the crediibility of McNamee?
2. If the above is true, what did George Mitchell and team do for all those months?
3. If those named are guilty, should any of them be in the Hall of Fame? Knoblach notes he got 1 vote, but he has no desire to be in.
4. What about those previously found guilty in the eyes of the public? Are they more or less guilty because of the Mitchell Report.

I guess I'll need to set my Tivo for ESPN News on Feb 13. I wonder if CSPAN has an HD feed?

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