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Another season comes to a close and another offseason of potential change begins for the Redskins. Some may believe that the team needs upgrades at the skill positions on offense, but the short comings on offense must be disected first. By examining the injuries on the offensive line one can see the inconsistency of the running game. Imagine how much more effective the offense will be with a healthy Jansen and Thomas.

The team needs to address the offensive line woes and depth. Kendall and Fabini are capable NFL offensive lineman, but would be better as backups on a Super Bowl caliber team. The Redskins appear to be a better pass blocking unit than run unit. Denver is adept at finding athletic and agile lineman to run the zone stretch running plays. The Skins need to find some help at the guard position going into next year and find out what type of OL they will be. Will they be a bruising line like in the '80s or an agile demolishing strecth run unit like in Denver or a pass first unit?

Also on the Skins hit parade of line help would be some help at DT or DE. Wilson has proven to be quite the pass rush specialist who should see considerable more time on the field next year, but the Redskins need someone they can count on every down and especially on big plays to sack the QB and force some turnovers. Wilson may grow into this role, but at the limited role we're seeing him in this year, we'd never know. A better and more consistent pass rush would take pressure off the secondary and allow Greg Williams even more flexibility in devising game plans to punish the opposition.

With an aging Shawn Springs and another corner back in Carlos Rogers that was accustomed to playing a zone scheme in college, the team needs to find another corner that can play in one-on-one coverage as Rogers hasn't adjusted to man coverage as he is repeatedly beaten on pass routes. Finding some younger depth at the linebacker position as Godfrey and Fletcher gain another year on their long resume. Finding specialists and role players used to be a mainstay in Richie Pettibone's defense with the likes of Milot, Coleman, Kaufman, Walton, and Gouveia. It would be great to develop future starters, as well as, strong role players that can start when injury strike.

Lastly, a nice possession receiver that can break open by running exceptional routes would compliment Moss and Randel-El so well. It would allow both Moss and Randel-El to maximize their skills by running intermediate and deep passing routes to exploit the opposing corners. Cooley and the possesion wide out would take the burden away from Moss & Rande-El allowing them to do what they do best.

This season will probably see the departure of Brunell, Lloyd, and Daniels. McIntosh, Torrence, Campbell, and Heyer gained great experience going into next year. With more of a pass rush and effective blocking the team should be even better next year. Hopefully the team will be a lot healthier and can improve on this season. Having more picks this year should certainly help. Stay tuned as draft season approaches for more Redskins updates.

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