Nationals sign a catcher

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No, this is not a rehash of an old article. The Nationals signed Johnny Estrada to a one year contract.

This seems a bit interesting. Is there more to the LoDuca injury that has been let on? While Estrada has had problems with coaches at other teams, the Nationals seem to think they can fix that issue. Seems to be a lot of rehab projects going on in DC.

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The Nationals are completely on top of things. No one knew about LoDuca's name in the Mitchell Report and no one every knows when injury will strike. It was a low cost and short term contract. The issue was more about Flores and giving him more at bats. With the abbreviated schedule of home stand series games in April, it won't be much of a loss of time for LoDuca. Another short term catcher was in the Nats plan because Flores was a Rule #5 draft player. This would allow him to play regularly in AAA. Either way it's not going to dramatically impact the team because it doesn't involve a top tier starting pitcher or power hitting outfielder.

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