Oh, Danny Boy

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Well it appears that the proverbial verdict is in. Dan Snyder, an owner that's as polarizing as Hillary Clinton in a love 'em or hate 'em knee jerk reaction has almost unified most of the Redskins fan base. It was possible to defend some of Danny's actions by acknowledging and respecting that whatever dollars Danny received he put right back into the team. After all, wouldn't you prefer an owner who's at least willing to spend money then none at all aka the Bidwell's through much of the '80s and '90s? Dan Snyder was always one to do it his way. He's been successful in his business endeavors and enjoys the limelight. He's a fan that would enjoy nothing more than winning a title, but with his hands involved exclusively in the process.

Unfortunately with the recent chain of events, most notably the firing of Greg Williams it appears that his actions have shed more insight into the owner of the Washington Redskins. The disregard for continuity achieved by Gibbs, a disregard for elite and heavily paid coaching staff, and a disregard for (the opinions of) the talented players on his own team quickly changed the fans perception of the owner. Was there such a need for multiple interviews with his Defensive Coordinator that Gibbs endorsed? Was this necessary for a coach in Gibbs that he revered so much and so deeply that Snyder disregarded Gibbs last advice to hire Williams all together?

After four long years with Gibbs manning the helm, the team found itself and regained much of what it lacked since Gibbs left in 1992. The team found unity and a sense of spirit and professionalism needed to win as a team. No longer were the Redskins the joke of the league and champion of the offseason. They were the talk of the pre-season as a legitimate contender.

Everything Gibbs accomplished to rebuild the philosophy, organization, and structure from top to bottom to mold a group of winners was washed away in less than a couple of weeks. It now appears that winning with exclusive acknowledgement to Snyder as the sole architect of a Lombardi winning team is no longer the main objective but rather the icing on the cake. It's about ego and feeding that yearning of media accolades. Yet among all the talk of learning from Gibbs the lesson of checking the ego at the door was never learned.

It appeared late Friday night that a so called smear campaign against Williams was leaked to the media. Williams vehemently denied this rumor regarding remarks about Gibbs. Reports were flying that Williams wasn't in the running to be head coach anymore. This bothered Williams so much that he was toiling with the notion of leaving with his dignity and remove his name from the head coaching position. Again, ego came into play by Snyder to deny the coach and heir apparent in Gibbs eyes from having the last word as Snyder had to have the last say by firing Williams. A statement was released from the Redskins.

The ego involved in the search for a new head coach could even raise suspicion that the longer the search takes the more Snyder will be mentioned. For four years all the talk was about the Redskins as a team and their Coach Joe Gibbs. Winning and playoffs were the talk of the town and not the team's owner with a huge ego. Why else would it take so long to find a coach? Having gone this long Snyder is able to constantly have his name referenced during Super Bowl week. Speculation is that shortly after the Super Bowl concludes, the Redskins aka Snyder will announce the new head coach and once again steal the spot light to ensure his name is the last NFL News mentioned to end the NFL season before the talk centers around the draft.

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It's rather ironic that in the press release the Redskins released, it states, "'The process of selecting a new head coach continues, although no hire is planned until after the Super Bowl so as not to distract from the Championship game as well as to keep open all our options,' Snyder added." Which is as you state, the exact opposite of what's going to happen as people continue to write about why someone isn't choosen yet and who it will be.

That's just dumb. Why wait until after the Superbowl? If you know who you're hiring do it now so that you can start putting together a coaching staff and planning for the draft. You're wasting precious time. I have to agree that it appears the timing is being deliberately planned to give Snyder the spotlight and take away from the Superbowl.

The only way this would make sense is if he was going to hire someone from the Pats or Giants, forcing him to wait.


Like anything related to Redskins news, there's tons of rumors out there. I've heard that Fassel is turning down the job. He sees a no win situation. He takes the job, fans hate him, the players will likely play for him, but not be happy. Short of a Superbowl Championship within a couple of years, or at least a major run, he'll be pushed out by Snyder if Cowher is ready to entertain offers.

I'm tired of it. Just hired the idiot so Q and I can decide on the tickets.

The obvious conclusion as to why the Redskins are waiting to name a head coach is because they want someone who is currently employed by one of the two Super Bowl teams. The only question is who. Steve Spagnuolo? Josh McDaniels?


It appears that the process to interview Spagnuolo and McDaniels was a mere after thought after consumer or fan backlash upon hearing the news of Fassel and Williams release. Why ask for Fassel to greenlight the promotion of Blache and hiring of Zorn? Then after fan reaction slow down on Fassel...slow down some more and then say well we're going to wait until after the Super Bowl for another round...Would Spagnuolo want to go to Washington without being able to hire his own staff? Same question for McDaniels and seeing what's occured why would they want to come to DC? It seems more like a cooling off period where the wagons could be circled to bring in Mariucci or finalize Fassel.

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