Please Let This Not be True

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Look I'm all for interviewing a good number of candidates to make sure the Redskins get the right one. Whether it be to satisfy the Rooney Rule or just simply making sure we haven't missed someone. But interviewing Jim Fassel is a terrible idea.

He was rejected in 2004. Granted, he got displaced by Joe Gibbs. But still, after being passed over, he got a job with the Ravens. I think he was a "consultant", then became the Offensive Coordinator. But he got fired from there. So what makes anyone think he can take over the Redskins job?

Even worse news...according to the article, it appears that Vinny Cerrato is involved in interviewing the candidates. Ugh, can I turn in my tickets?. OK, I take that last part back. But somehow going to Fedex Field to watch the Fassel led Redskins, knowing the Cerrato had a part in the hiring could really put a downer on me.

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