Ravens lose Garrett

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It's been reported that Jason Garrett turned down both the Ravens and the Falcons, but will stay with the Cowboys.

What makes him so hot? The last time the Ravens hired an offensive genius, he managed to do nothing. Garrett seems to have less of a reputation as a genius, but more like a good coach.

So back to the interviews with lesser known coaches. John "no, not the QB" Harbaugh, currently secondary coach for the Eagles, is the leading candidate in Baltimore. Let's hope they don't interview Greg Williams. He might take the job if he is interviewed in less sessions than with the Redskins, who apparantly thinks a coach who's been there for years has not proven himself in 4 interviews with Daniel Snyder.

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Wow, coaches and managers are just turning down positions in Baltimore like they're the old LA Clippers.

Hey, maybe every time Snyder interviews someone from outside the organization he then calls Williams in for another interview to compare them. All kidding aside four times is a lot!

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