Redskins Coaching Overhaul

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It looks like the coaching carousel continues as Jim Zorn interviewed for the offensive coordinator position. So much for giving Campbell the chance to finally master one complex offense in the NFL. USA Today - Jim Zorn Why bring Joe Gibbs back to coach in DC only to undue everything he accomplished once he leaves? Then again winning mustn't be as important as making headlines. Too bad the headlines aren't the Redskins holding up the Lombardi Trophy after a rebuilt team by Gibbs and his successor Williams.

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Zorn I think would be a good choice if Saunders is leaving. I think the chances are, he will unless Gregg Williams is the Head Coach, but even in that scenario, it's unlikely he'll stay.

Unfortunately Holmgren and the Seahawks have other ideas.

Snyder appears to be morphing into Jerry Jones. Except he's not quite tall enough and does not yet need the face lift.

Worst of all is Vinny. You would think Snyder would look at his team. Nothing has worked except for two times. When Marty coached the one season and during Gibbs 2.0. I'll admit, even though I can't stand him that Marty took the Redskins in a good direction. Of course he fired Vinny to start his tenure right.

Gibbs had overall control of the team. It now appears it is the Danny and Vinny show. Not like Laurel and Hardy or Martin and Lewis. More like Shari Lewis and Lambchop or Bill Smith and Howdy Doody. Or for our Metalheads out there, Snyder is becoming "Master of Puppets".

What about Abbott & Costello or the mtv cartoon characters that had a movie?

Zorn? I thought Holmgren was the mentor to Hasselback. What's with the Zorn bandwagon in the media. Excuse me, but the Redskins have a qb that will be approaching 27 and held the clip board for Joe Gibbs who knows a thing or two about qb's.

Why not find a coach and coordinator that know a little something about winning and bringing home a Super Bowl trophy? Isn't anyone tired of hearing about someone that's good with QB's? I'd rather have a coach that knows how to win in the regular season and playoffs and can just talk with his QB. Doesn't anyone remember stories of Parcells and a little Pats Head Coach being tough on QBs and don't they both have Super Bowl rings.

As far as Jones, BMT and I have discussed this many times. It was Jimmy Johnson that was the architect of the Cowboys despite Jerry Jones opinion. Johnson assembled that team and even Switzer couldn't botch a Super Bowl win. Yet when Johnson had left and his players became long in the tooth no one was able to put a team back together again until the Tuna stepped into big D.

For the Redskins to follow the Jones model of success is to follow failure because Jones isn't a GM and neither is Vinny or Danny.

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