Redskins Season Over

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The Redskins lost 35-14 and as the game spiraled out of control late in the fourth quarter after the Redskins held a brief lead at 14-13 the change in momentum could be found on one specific play. It's easy to pick on the kickers. Kickers are usually the first ones gone on a poor team because it's a position easy to replace quickly and send a message to a team. Suisham has had his ups and downs this season and this was a good season for the Redskins kicker. Usually the more inconsistent kicker was the punter Frost. We've seen punts from Frost in the end zone that should have pinned the opponent deep in their own end and we've seen shanked punts when the team needed a booming kick, but today he had a great game and it was Suisham's missed 30 yard field goal that changed the complexion of the game.

After the Redskins received a lucky bounce on a kick off after they went up 14-13, a favorable bounce over Burleson's head that Mix recovered an equivalent of an onside kick. The Skins had momentum on their side and could go up 17-13 to force the Seahawks to score a TD. Instead Seattle marched down the field after the missed field goal and took control of the game despite a game in which rookie safety Landry hand two important interceptions to deprive the Seahawks of points.

It may be unfair to blame the kickers when the defense could have made one more stop or the offense could have run the ball and scored, but when a kick was needed the team was let down and didn't fully recover. It was the only time in five games that the Skins didn't have an answer, but they didn't have to have an answer when all Redskins fans were able to witness a remarkable season in Redskins history.

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