The Clemens Press Conference

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Wow. Wow. Wow. That was some compelling stuff. Lawsuit filed against Brian McNamee. Countersuit being considered. A taped phone conversation. This is normal fodder for Law & Order.

I'm sick at home today, but well enough to watch the press conference. His attorney, Rusty Hardin, seemed to speak off his mind, without notes. Clemens is now answering questions from the press.

The most compelling piece was listening to the taped phone conversation between Clemens and McNamee on January 4. While there was no "smoking gun" where McNamee said he lied, the conversation seemed to be Clemens asking McNamee to "tell the truth" and McNamee simply not answering.

At this point, I'm still on the fence. Nothing seemed to indicate if it was a circumstance where Clemens thought he was getting B-12 shots and McNamee actually give him HGH or steroids. Andy Petitte's confession seems to lean toward the notion that Clemens is guilty as well. However, to file a defamation lawsuit, that's pretty much a flat out denial.

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Hearing the recap on SportsCenter, my reaction was pretty much the same: wow. There seems to be something more going on than we know about. Both parties involved seem to know something more - at least that is the impression I got from the phone conversation.

I wrote this during the Q&A. If I had waited until afterwards, watching the SportsCenter analysis, Tim Kurkjian said something very interesting. It was something that seemed to be in the back of my mind, but I couldn't place it. Neither Clemens nor McNamee admitted anything. He said that Clemens should have goaded McNamee into confessing his lies. On the other hand, McNamee should have told Clemens he told the investigators the truth. There is something going on there that only they and maybe their representation know.

I didn't see the press conference or hear any of the taped phone conversation, but the 60 Minutes interview reinforced my opinion that Clemens is lying. He was very evasive, and went off on unnecessary tangents several times. I thought his overall body language projected an air of guilt. He also IMO did not directly answer the question of whether he'd be willing to take a polygraph test.

His attorney addressed the polygraph test somewhat yesterday during the press conference. His assessment was based on opinions by current and former law enforcement officials, polygraph tests do not help make the case. Given that, he said they would not recommend taking a polygraph test at this time, but would consider it again in the future.

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