The Hand of the Tuna Comes Down (or is that a Fin?)

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In roughly the same amount of time Dan Marino held an executive job with the Dolphins, Bill Parcells has made two big moves. Of course the Tuna has the power unlike the pretty-boy job Marino was handed. He fired the GM Randy Mueller earlier in the week and fired Cam Cameron today.

No shock there, as Cameron was one of those hires nobody expected would be great. He was simply a filler until the next big thing showed up. However, the question becomes, is there a next big thing available?

Clearly the best available coach at the moment is Bill Cowher. But I don't see him leaving the cushy CBS studios in favor of the Miami heat (with a lower case "h") because the team sucks. Plus, would he really want to work for Parcells? Can the two Bills co-exist within the same Metropolis?

I think Parcells is going to have to go ex-Cowboy like he did with GM. Of course we all remember what happened to the last head coach the Tuna annointed to head his team. I think he has a fairly decent career at some northeastern team not spelled J-E-T-S.

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Clearly by releasing most of the coaching staff the Tuna was going Dolphin free.

On a more serious note the Tuna will probably start by hiring a defensive minded head coach and start with defensive side and add layers on to the offense over the course of a couple seasons. This team won't be rebuilt over night.

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