The Second Gibbs Era Over

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Yes, Redskins fans all over the world. It's over. Go see your shrinks today.

I have mixed feelings over this. Yes, just over a month ago, I suggested that Joe Gibbs should stay as coach. That only he could take us over the hump. But that spectacular December the Redskins had, albeit with a dissapointing ending this past Saturday, changed my mind a bit. It showed me that the team could win. That there was a possibility beyond Gibbs.

There are surprises though. If the rumors are 100%, he is resigning as Team President as well. What that means may not be clear for now. I see it as a possible signal to Dan Snyder that even the Great Joe Gibbs can't work with him. I say "with" as the arrangement was that Gibbs had virtually final say on everything football related.

The other bad surprise is that Vinny Cerrato may continue to be employed by the Redskins, and even possibly elevated to the role of GM. If Gibbs had stayed as president, maybe he could have concentrated on roster moves, draft, etc, and Vinny would be gone.

We may know later at 3 PM what brought about Gibbs decision. Certainly, no matter what he says, he won't speak badly of Snyder. We might get the truth. That given his NASCAR team, Joe Gibbs Racing, is moving to Toyota vehicles in 2008, he needs to concentrate on that. Geez, it took Joe Gibbs to bring me to discuss details of NASCAR. Then again, I do live in Maryland, which is technically south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

So the question becomes...who's up? Al Saunders? Greg Williams? Neither seems very strong candidates, except they are "internal" candidates. Cowher turned down Atlanta, maybe he'll come here? Which brings my point of conflict. Who better than Joe Gibbs?

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To me it's another sad day in Redskins' history. We'll know more at 3, but I think Sean's death made Gibbs realized he'd rather spend more time with his family than coaching.

I will say this about a new head coach. If Snyder decides to go outside and get someone like Cowher, it'll take another 5 years to rebuild this team because the current crop of players won't want to play for anyone else besides Gregg Williams.

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