The Voice of Madness Has Gone Quiet

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For more then a generation Billy Packer was the voice of College Baskeball analyzing the games including the Final Four and Championship Game. CBS officially severed ties with Packer Billy Packer. Whether it's a point in time where you love or hate Billy Packer everyone should respect the voice that helped define college basketball for so long.

Much like so many voices that fans grow tired of Packer's peak may have passed. CBS had Brent Musburger covering all the top games in every sport before everyone grew tired of hearing from him. After a few years off Brent is back and calling games. Musburger drinking game. The pendelum had swung more towards Packer's critics over the past years. Packer always informed viewers and told the audience what he thought and not what others wanted to hear or have him say.

Some may have thought Packer became more partial to certain teams in recent years, but few noticed that no one would criticize great players more if they had weren't playing to the level that Billy or fans would expect. His analysis and voice on air will be missed.

It appears the new generation's choice is Gus Johnson as he called more games in this past year's tournament and so with the changing of the guard Clark Kellog will be replacing Packer. Jim Nance will continue to call games with his new partner Kellog. Kellog has done a great job in studio, so it will be interesting to see Kellog providing the kind of analysis Packer did at a game. The real question that needs to be answered: Is there really a more exciting team to listen to that Gus Johnson and Dan Bonner?

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Gus Johnson can not be overcome. Listen to this montage and tell me it can be done better.

I'm glad Packer is gone. He did a great service for the NCAA's and dare I say helped propel the Big Dance into the March Madness it is nowadays. However in recent years, his cheerleading for particular schools and obvious aging made him look like an old fogey.

Kellog is an interesting choice. I'm not sure how his analysis will translate in the booth.

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