Crybaby Punter Frost is Given the Boot

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I was content to just state that Durant Brooks beat Derrick Frost out for the punting job with the Redskins. However, after his comments, he has put some diehard Redskins fans, including myself, in the position of choosing the lesser of two evils...defending Vinny Cerrato.

Frost somehow managed to hold on to the job since 2005. He may not have been the worst out there, but you can't tell me that the Redskins couldn't have found someone better. I get the feeling that he had something on the Redskins, like Terry Matthews had on the Orioles.

Vinny, a man that couldn't find an NFL job during the season that Marty Schottenhemier fired him, did the right thing. Frost was not a great punter, but if Brooks is not that good, it was possible for him to come back. Until those comments. Goodbye Derrick! Hope you screw up another team's punting for a few seasons.

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At the end of the day, you keep the player that gives you the best chance to win. In the Washington Post article, Frost thanks Smith, the special teams coach, and blames Vinny.

In prior reports, it was Smith that prompted Vinny to spend a 6th Round pick on Brooks. Should we infer that Smith gave his input into the decision. Indeed - the Post article doesn't seem to provide much in statistics other then yards per punt.

If someone were to dig deeper into the stats to back out punts that should have been corner kicks to prevent touch backs, which typically lowers yards per kick there'd be a more accurate comparison. Another stat not shown is the hang time stat which was one of the reasons Brooks was drafted in the first place.

All in all, it appeared to the naked eye that Brooks had far better command with touch and calling upon a booming punt when needed. The two kicks together can muddy the waters in a straight yards per kick average.

Frost didn't seem to win too many games for the Redskins when they desperately needed field position over the years as he shanked punts in critical situations and booted others through the end zone when the skins were kicking from inside their opponents side of the 50 yard line. A change at the kicking positions seems easy fair and welcomed.

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