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Fantasy Football League Draft

It was the 7th Annual Keeper League Draft for Stu, Q, Big Money Tony, Bob, and me this weekend. We rotate the draft locations every year. This year it was NYC and a Yankees Game. Yankee Stadium offers a proud tradition of history in baseball. It's everything that you remember about baseball when you were a kid going to a game with family. The dimensions, monuments, and fans make Yankee Stadium one of the best, EVER.

After returning from an extra inning game, we ventured back for a draft. As a former champion and co-commissioner, it was time to prepare for the draft. After being able to unload Alexander for a 1st Round Draft Pick near the beginning of the season last year, I had completely overhauled my team including trading Palmer for Addai plus picking up an additonal second round pick.

It was a re-building year after five playoff seasons. There seems to be some solid depth at running back this season with another season weak at QB & WR. It also boasts a season full of potential at the running back position with rookies. As someone that other's in the league and in the office have come to for strategy and advice, please feel free to ask The Sports Freak for advice or for that matter...Q, Big Money Tony, Stu, BJ or Bob.


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