Monday Night Football Changes

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Tony Kornheiser has stepped down from the Monday Night Football telecast. He will be replaced by Jon "Chucky" Gruden, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach. Kornheiser stated his fear of flying as the major reason for giving up the spot.

Gruden appears to be a great choice. As the third man in a three man booth, he will have to fight for time against Mike Tirico and Ron Jaworski. One thing Gruden has over Kornheiser is that since he is a recent coach, he can bring insight that Mr. Tony could not. Kornheiser had previously stated his struggle for voice/face time in the MNF booth against the seasoned ESPN veteran Tirico and analyst and former player Jaworski.

Still yet to be determined is Kornheiser's future plans. While he will continue doing Pardon the Interruption daily on ESPN, he did give up his daily radio show a couple of years ago. He cited that his MNF duties would consistently conflict with radio. Coincidentally, Kornheiser and the Washington Post separated "permanantly". For the past year or so, he had been doing video for the website and rarely penning a short column. Only one I really remember is his annual March Madness bracket breakdown.

Left only with PTI, will he return to radio? He had mentioned in the past that radio was his favorite gig. That would be very interesting to see how this would work out. There is no obvious choice in AM/FM radio in the DC area for late morning drive, which is the only schedule that he would take and not conflict with PTI. What's left may be satellite radio, since he famously had a "vacation" from ESPN radio years ago. Besides, their schedule is packed too.

Thanks Mr. Tony, for MNF. It was short lived, but let's say you were so much better than Dennis Miller.

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My guess is that TK will do PTI and that's it. He's not exactly getting any younger and he strikes me as the type of guy who'd like to enjoy his golden years on the golf course rather than stretching himself thin on different jobs.

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