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MWC & WAC Cave to BCS

The Mountain West and Western Athletic Conferences ended their fight against the BCS by signing the Bowl Championship Series agreement. Again, the power conferences and greedy NCAA get the upper hand and allow the BCS to continue without formal objection for the next few years.

I've stated disgust of the BCS system and this changes nothing. Now that practically any team that would be worthy of the national championship is included in the BCS. But then again, not really. With the BCS calculations, who you play and when you play them become important. There is no guarantee that Notre Dame will decide to play a WAC team. Or that Florida will play a MWC school. While not perfect, the 8 team playoff suggested by the MWC can help. The biggest issue with the BCS is how do you decide who is the better undefeated teams between 3 teams. Or three 1 loss teams? An 8-team playoff helps with this unless there are 9 undefeated teams or other combination that puts some teams in and some teams out with the same record. NCAA, let's try this again in a few years and get it right? In the meantime, I'll wait till November when the basketball season starts.


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