The Redemption of Vick?

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Michael Vick, former QB for the Atlanta Falcons and Virginia Tech, is rumored to have reached a deal with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on his return to active status in the NFL. The purported deal would have him suspended for the first 4 regular season games.

I used to own dogs and it was tragic when they eventually passed on. So in that sense, Vick is one of the worst people I could imagine. But in reality, there are players in the NFL who have killed or maimed human beings, spent less time in prison, and served little or no suspension time in the NFL. It's time for the league to move on. The worst thing that could happen, if the rumors of his deal are true, is that a team signs him and he commits more dog fighting activities. In this deal, Goodell has probably stipulations that would ban Vick for life for such action or maybe even less.

Vick was a great athlete and should be given a chance to compete again, if a team is willing to take on the baggage. In recent days, discussions on sports talk radio put out the scenario if a regular person had committed such acts and spent time in prison, would they be allowed to return to his job? I say yes, if the employer wants him back. In Vick's case, Atlanta does not, but there are other teams who could use him even if not as a QB. He owes money to others, so allowing him to make even league minimum will help him repay his obligations. Without an NFL job, there is little chance he'll ever pay it off. I am not saying that we have to let him play, just that we need to remove the restrictions and let an owner decide if it's worth the risk and money.

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While Vick will again play in the NFL, I don't believe he will EVER be the same player he once was.
Too many factors against him now will weigh on his psyche, especially when he is on the road in hostile environments.
Sports fans are nutty enough already and when they have the chance to pile on a guy like Vick (with his baggage now) believe it ... they will do it showing NO MERCY!
I'm pulling for Vick to have a successful comeback but, I don't see it happening.

Michael Vick is scheduled to start an anti-dogfighting campaign for the Humane Society of The United States next week. Public reaction to that effort will probably have some bearing on Commissioner Goodell's ultimate decision.


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