Twitter, Havlat, and a Chicago GM

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Matin Havlat's recent updates are almost as good as a paperback novel, insinuating there is a major scandal about to break in Chicago.

" I guess everyone saw what happened to Dale....yes, the story is starting to come out but it's just the tip of the iceberg. "

" Lot's of people are telling me to stay quiet but shouldn't the fans know the truth? It's your loyalty, season ticket money and emotions here "

He also appears to allege the promotion of Stan Bowman to GM and reassignment of Dale Tallon to Senior Advisor is linked to his contract dispute.

" Just so everyone begins to understand, Dale was like a 2nd father to me. "

These posts may turn out to be exaggerations of the story, or just a heck of a lot of hype, but the suspense sure is crazy.

A few weeks ago On Frozen Blog ran a great article about Twitter's effect on the NHL. From fake player accounts to pre-press conference announcements, it has a huge impact on bringing the sport to more fans. (PLUG: you can follow myself, The DC Sports Page, and Big Money Tony too.)

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